Graham Morris Sensei 6th Dan Shidoin


Morris Sensei started Aikido in Queensland 30 years ago.


He migrated to the Gold Coast from England where he studied Aikido from young age with Chiba Sensei and Kanetsuka Sensei. He trained hard because with these two teachers there was no other way, and he became at 21 the youngest 2nd Dan in Europe at that time.


He began his teaching of Aikido shortly after this in collaboration with Allan Ruddock where together they founded the Isle of Mann Aikido Club.


When he arrived in Queensland in 1983 he found no Aikido here and wanting to practice he contacted the senior members of Aiki Kai Australia and travelled to Melbourne to meet them and get permission from them and Sugano Sensei to start a dojo where he could teach and practice.


He was later appointed by Sugano Sensei to the position of Area Representative for Queensland and over time built up a strong core of dedicated students. Eventually many of these students moved away to different areas and some started their own dojos in Brisbane and Warwick which remain affiliated with Morris Sensei.


Morris Sensei remained the head instructor and the Area Representative until 2007 when he retired due to various other commitments.


Morris Sensei returned to Aikido in 2010 and is still the most senior instructor in Queensland.


He conducts a class at the Broadwater Aikido dojo approximatly once a month on a Saturday morning.   Morris Sensei also conducts special training days and TTC training weekends in our other affiliated dojos at various times of the year.  He has been invited by Aiki Kai Australia and The Aikido Foundation to travel to other dojos around the country to conduct TTC training days which he does a couple of times a year.


He has always been one of the most highly regarded instructors in Australia and we are lucky and proud to welcome Graham Sensei to Broadwater Aikido as our guest instructor once a month.

Graham Morris Sensei

Roku-Dan Shidoin

Roland Stettler Sensei  4th Dan Fuku-Shidoin



Roland (4th Dan Aikikai) started practicing Aikido in 1985 in Switzerland. His first Aikido teacher was Francesco Marrella (now 6th Dan, Swiss Aikikai), whom Roland holds responsible for being hooked on Aikido for life...


Back in Switzerland Roland was exposed to Ikeda Shihan and Tada Shihan.  Masatomi Ikeda Shihan was the Technical Director of the Swiss Aikikai and held seminars all over Switzerland. Tada Shihan (his teacher), also held regular seminars in Switzerland.


Just before Roland was due for his 1st Dan grading he moved to New Zealand where he joined Aikido Shinryukan (Aikikai) and Nobuo Takase Shihan became his teacher.  Roland has done all his Dan gradings under Takase Shihan in NZ.


At one of the annual NZ Gasshuku, Roland met Sawada Shihan. After seeing him several times in NZ he joined a group of Kiwi Aikidokas to visit him at his Dojo in Nagoya, Japan. Since then he has been back to Nagoya a number of times for some intensive Aikido, especially weapons training.


Lured over to Australia by a Swiss Aikido friend, in 2000 he went to his first Summer School under Sugano Shihan. Traveling across the Tasman from NZ he then attended several Summer and Winter Schools before he moved to Qld in 2007.


In 2010, after a detour via Gladstone and Brisbane, he moved to the Gold Coast where he joined the GC Aikikai under Graham Morris Sensei.


Roland's latest adventure is being part of a new Akikai Australia dojo, opened mid 2019 in Runaway Bay. Broadwater Dojo is located at the northern end of the Gold Coast.


He says, through all the personal and professional changes he has had, he can truly say that Aikido is the one constant in his life.


Roland Stettler Sensei

Yon-dan Fuku-Shidoin


Affiliated wtih Aiki Kai Australia



Cnr Lae Drive and Morala Avenue, RUNAWAY BAY, Qld


(Next to the Runaway Bay Library and across the road from the Runaway Bay Tavern)






Phone:   0409 286 180  (Suzie)

               0413 494 265  (Roland Sensei  -  After business hours only please)


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Affiliated with Aiki Kai Australia

Runaway Bay Community Centre, Cnr Lae Drive and Morala Avenue, RUNAWAY BAY. QLD

Broadwater Aikido, the aikido club on the northern end of the Gold Coast at Runaway Bay