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Affiliated with Aiki Kai Australia

Runaway Bay Community Centre, Cnr Lae Drive and Morala Avenue, RUNAWAY BAY. QLD

Broadwater Aikido, the aikido club on the northern end of the Gold Coast at Runaway Bay


Calendar of Events- At Home and Abroad


2020 Aikido Summer School
5-10 January, 2020 in Melbourne

with very special guest
Yamada Shihan,  8th Dan
New York Aikikai






05 to10 Jan 20

Melbourne - see below for details

Aiki Kai Aust Summer School

Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan; Louis van Thieghan Shihan

06 to 08 Mar 20

Auckland - New Zealand

Aikido Shinryukan NZ - 50th Anniversary International Gasshuku

Honourary Guest - Aikido Hombu Dojo Cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba and;  Presented By Nobuo Takase Shihan,

with guests:  Sho Ozaki Shihan, Ikuhiro Kubota Shihan, Toshiharu Sawada Shihan, Seizo Takimoto Shihan, Hiroshi Suma Shihan, Tony Smibert Shihan, Phillip Lee Shihan, Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei


We are very privileged Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan has consented to travel all the way from New York to attend this commemorative Summer School! Yamada Shihan was an uchi-deshi (live-in student) for Ueshiba O Sensei, the Founder of Aikido, and a very close friend of Sugano Sensei, our teacher and the person who started Aiki Kai Australia.


Yamada Shihan is in great demand to teach internationally and we are very fortunate he had both the time and desire to teach at

this event. On the passing of Sugano Shihan, Yamada Shihan kindly consented to become our Patron.


Yamada Shihan will be joining the training from Wednesday 8 January. As Yamada Shihan is cutting down on long trips, this is a rare opportunity to study under one of the great masters.


Along with Yamada Shihan, their will be a wealth of experience during the entire week with very senior, internationally recognised teachers from Australia and overseas. At the top of that list is our own Smibert Shihan, Botterill Shihan and Janiv Shihan all of whom teach in Australia and regularly travel overseas to teach. Louis van Thieghem Shihan will also be joining us again, a regular and welcome visitor to our national events!


Click here to learn more about the Aiki Kai Australia Summer School 2020, including accommodation and costs.


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Children's Classes commence in 2020

We are very excited to announce that Children's Classes will be commencing on Saturday 1st February 2020!


Please come along on either Saturday 18th or 25th to watch a class, talk to the instructors and to register your child for classes.


Aikido is great for children, it is not aggressive in nature and does not rely on"strength" for success.  Children learn how to manage and cope with aggressive behaviour from others, without the need to hurt someone.


They will learn basic skills of "taking ukemi" - being able to roll both forward and backward, as well as "break fall" to avoid injury when attacked.  There is a well-establish children's syllabus which is reviewed regularly and is relevant and achievable for younger students, while building to higher skill level for the young teens.


There is no competition in Aikido - at any level - we train together and look after our training partner.  The ultimate goal in Aikido is not to win a competition, but rather to improve ourselves, not just our physical skills but also our mental awareness, compassion and respect for others.


Classes will commence on Saturday 1st Febraury at 8 am sharp.  Please make sure your child is at the Dojo 15 minutes prior to our start time to ensure they are ready on the mat at 8 am.


Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their children train.


The age for children to attend Childrens' classes is between 7 and 13 years.  Once a child reaches the age of 14 they may be invited to join the adults classes.


Please contact Suzie for more information on 0409 286 180 or our email