Monday nights            7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Thursday nights          7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Saturday mornings:    8:00 am to 10:00 am


Broadwater Aikido is part of Aiki Kai Queensland and therefore affiliated with our national body,  Aiki Kai Australia.   We are a friendly, inclusive club, beliveing in traditional Aikido values. We believe that Aikido requires committed training, but also that training should be friendly, enjoyable and fun.


All Kyu level gradings are conducted at club level by Graham Morris Sensei (6th Dan).  Dan gradings (Black Belt levels) are examined by a panel of  6th and 7th Dan Shihans at the Aikikai Australia National Schools held twice every year - Summer School in January, and Winter School in July.


Broadwater Aikido is a not-for-profit organisation (as are all the dojos within Aikikai Australia).   Our instructors freely donate their time.  Which means the training is based around quality not quantity. We don't rely on student numbers for our livelihoods; therefore, our main interest is to impart the best Aikido we know how.  Club training fees go towards paying the club's ongoing expenses and to assist in bringing visiting Senseis to the club for special training events.

Aikido is a modern non-aggressive Japanese martial art, developed in the early 20th century by the late master Morihei Ueshiba, known as O Sensei.  


Aikido training combines both hand techniques and weapons training.  It involves arm locks, wrist-locks, take-downs, controlling techniques, and throws.   Beginners are taught how to accept and absorb the techniques so that you are not hurt.   It is about blending and re-direction of motion, not about strength; and therefore Aikido is a great martial art for women as well as men.  Aikido can also be practiced at any age.  Children from the age of 14 and above are welcome into the Adults training classes.  Aikido is not classed as a sport, because it is non-competitive but, although Aikido is non-aggressive, training is still very vigorous and active.  It is a method of learning how not to compete with an agressive action.


At Broadwater Aikido we welcome anyone who would like to train onto the mat   -    beginners and experienced aikidoka alike. 


If you are interested in starting Aikido, please drop in to the dojo to watch any training session.   Ask as many questions from the Instructor and other students you like ...... we are happy to  answer any queries


What does it cost to learn Aikido ?


Training with Broadwater Aikido involves paying "Mat Fees" to the club - (as with any not-for-profit club, we do have on-going expenses to cover, such as hall hire).  Our fees though are very reasonable and we have Adult, Student or Concessional rates available, as well as Family rates.  And of course ... your first lesson is free. 


To train you will need to become a member of Aikikai Australia, however an Interim (3 month membership) is offered so that you can make sure you enjoy aikido before becoming an official full-time member.  More information on Aikikai Membership can be found here.


For loads more information on the cost of training, the etiquette of the dojo, equipment and uniforms needed, go to Information for New Students.  Or better still, drop down to the dojo when we have training and come and see for yourself.


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Affiliated wtih Aiki Kai Australia



Cnr Lae Drive and Morala Avenue, RUNAWAY BAY, Qld


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              Broadwater Aikido 


Affiliated with Aiki Kai Australia

Runaway Bay Community Centre, Cnr Lae Drive and Morala Avenue, RUNAWAY BAY. QLD

Broadwater Aikido, the aikido club on the northern end of the Gold Coast at Runaway Bay